1. Home Maintenance Tips Part I

    If you’re a homeowner, it’s likely that your home is the most expensive thing you own. It’s a major investment, homeowning, and it requires constant care. As a homeowner you’ll find that maintenance is a constant. For today’s realtor blog, and for a few of our upcoming blogs, we’re going to be delving into some home maintenance tips that you can follow to keep your home tip-top! Here…Read More

  2. Reverse Mortgage Scams

    One of the most targeted demographics for scammers and con men is that of the elderly. There are a number of ways that scammers target senior citizens, such as through health care fraud, counterfeit prescription drugs, funeral/cemetery fraud, and also through real estate. One of the more common methods of fraud in the last few years has been reverse mortgage scams. But what is a reverse mortgage, …Read More

  3. 5 Common Mistakes Home Buyers Make

    Buying a new home can be one of the most exciting endeavors in a person’s life. The thrill of owning the perfect home or the dream of building a life in a new place is an opportunity most families dream about for years. So when the time rolls around to enter into the home buying process, the excitement can be all-encompassing to a point where important details are overlooked or forgotten entirel…Read More