1. Why Buying Property Makes Much More Sense Than Renting

    Home ownership has always been highly valued as an important part of the American Dream. In fact, the founding father’s thought it was imperative to protect our right to own property in the Constitution. However, as capitalism has evolved and the real estate market has changed, many people have opted to rent property as opposed to buying property of their very own. While renting makes sense in s…Read More

  2. 10 Things To Do To Change Your Life Forever

    “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future” ~ John F. Kennedy The one constant thing in our life is change. We cannot avoid it and the more we resist change the tougher our life becomes. Trust me, I know this because I was very skilled at deflecting change in my life. We are surrounded by change and it is the one thing that has th…Read More

  3. Body Language Tricks That Make You Instantly Likeable

    You send people signals all day, without paying attention to them. The way you move your eyes, the way you shake a hand and so on. There are things you can do to send subconscious signals using body language that make people like you better, or at least give you the benefit of the doubt. Whenever I discuss techniques like these there are always one or two people who feel uncomfortable with ‘in…Read More

  4. Here’s How You Find More Time In Your Schedule to Learn a New Skill

    Here’s 5 steps to shave more time off your “busy” schedule. 1. Track your existing schedule If you don’t know how you spend your day already, it’s going to be very difficult to know what’s working and what’s not. This applies in any habit, result, or goal you want to change. If you’re trying to lose weight, the first thing a nutritionist will tell you is to keep track of everythin…Read More

  5. Money Sabotage: 5 things holding you back from financial freedom

    Heed these tips to get started on the right path (and stay there). While money can certainly buy plenty of things, it offers something far more valuable than that tangible stuff: freedom and choice. The more money you acquire and properly pour into channels that can support you now and into the future, the more freedom you have to make choices based on desire – not financial obligation or necess…Read More

  6. 7 Things That Productive People Do In The First 10 Minutes At Work

    Ah, a new day at the office. But will it be a good one, full of productivity? Even though offices can be unpredictable places, there are things that productive people do differently to squeeze the most out of their work day, every day. Productive people know that the first 10 minutes of their day in the office can make or break the amount of work they can get done. Productive people make sure to f…Read More

  7. 10 Easy Ways to Rise Earlier Than Anyone Else

    You want to get a head start on your day. You know that you have more energy in the morning, and have heard the old cliche about the early bird drilled into your head from childhood. But you just can’t get yourself to bridge the gap between the idea of doing it, and the actual doing it. What can motivate you to get up, out of bed, and on with your day earlier? Here are 10 ways to get up early …Read More

  8. Techniques to Empower Yourself to Live a More Productive, Happier Life

    When I was young, I loved the sense of adventure that went with rock hopping. Across a creek, near the beach, along a river bank I’d step, or jump, from rock to rock. Some surfaces were slippery, some unsteady, some too small, and often I ended up wet and bruised. Nevertheless, I loved accepting the challenge of making progress towards a new place. Despite some difficulties, each stone was par…Read More

  9. How Highly Successful People Find Motivation In Challenging Environments

    Do you think that successful people are just lucky? Or that they have a special elixir they drink that propels them to the finish line they set for themselves? People who are highly successful face so many of the challenges you face, yet they somehow find motivation. Here are some of the thoughts and actions that the highly successful think and do to motivate themselves, even when their environmen…Read More

  10. The Best Gift You Can Get This Year

    Giving a business executive this one gift will improve creativity, morale, revenue and profits next year. Last year, I gave myself a gift. It helped me nearly double my business and more importantly gave me the clarity to put plans in place to continue our rapid growth for the next several years. I feel younger, have more energy, and think faster. I gave myself a pair of running shoes. But, tha…Read More