1. Home Maintenance Tips Part III

    Your home is your most valuable possession. It’s what keeps you safe when the weather kicks up. It’s what keeps you comfortable on balmy days and cold nights. It’s where you gather with friends and family. It’s where you build memories. It’s where you rest your head at night. Your home is your castle, and like anything of great value, it deserves to be cherished and maintained. That’s …Read More

  2. Home Maintenance Tips Part II

    Maintaining your home is an investment in your future, your safety, and your favorite space. After all, your home is your castle, and noone wants to see their castle in disrepair. That’s why we’re talking repair and maintenance in today’s realtor blog (as well as a few blogs surrounding today’s date). In our last blog, we mentioned the importance of maintaining your roof and your HVAC syst…Read More

  3. Home Maintenance Tips Part I

    If you’re a homeowner, it’s likely that your home is the most expensive thing you own. It’s a major investment, homeowning, and it requires constant care. As a homeowner you’ll find that maintenance is a constant. For today’s realtor blog, and for a few of our upcoming blogs, we’re going to be delving into some home maintenance tips that you can follow to keep your home tip-top! Here…Read More

  4. Reverse Mortgage Scams

    One of the most targeted demographics for scammers and con men is that of the elderly. There are a number of ways that scammers target senior citizens, such as through health care fraud, counterfeit prescription drugs, funeral/cemetery fraud, and also through real estate. One of the more common methods of fraud in the last few years has been reverse mortgage scams. But what is a reverse mortgage, …Read More

  5. 5 Common Mistakes Home Buyers Make

    Buying a new home can be one of the most exciting endeavors in a person’s life. The thrill of owning the perfect home or the dream of building a life in a new place is an opportunity most families dream about for years. So when the time rolls around to enter into the home buying process, the excitement can be all-encompassing to a point where important details are overlooked or forgotten entirel…Read More